Body SOS Health Carnival 2017

May 11, 2017

During the second Body SOS Health Carnival at Suntec City on 11 March 2017, our orthopaedic specialist, Dr Tan Chyn Hong, was invited to talk about the common orthopaedic pain problems among Singaporeans. 8 in 10 of his patients face knee, hip and shoulder pain.

The show started off with discussion of sports injuries such as shoulder dislocation. One of the guests pointed out that he has frozen shoulder and Dr Tan elaborated further on the symptoms and treatment for his condition. Dr Tan recommended that people aged 50 and above especially women to go for bone test for osteoporosis. They talked about knee problems associated with the ACL, meniscus and cartilage.

Later they moved on to talk about osteoarthritis causes, prevention and discussed treatment such as joint replacement. They discussed the benefits of taking health supplements and the exercises beneficial to our joints and bones.

They had an Q&A with the audience and the celebrity guests about back problems such as bone spurs and disc protrusion. The other half of the Q&A covered knee problems as such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and health supplements.

Dr Tan ended the session with important health advice such as seek early treatments. View the entire session here:

Body SOS Special 1

Body SOS Special 2