Common Rock Climbing Injuries | 常攀岩或致3损伤

May 8, 2015

In an interview with Shin Min Daily, Dr Tan shared about the areas of common rock climbing injuries are the fingers, elbow and shoulder. Here are some of the injuries you should look out for:


The tendons that help the fingers to twist and turn may get torn during the activity. The ligament of the joints are also likely to get injured and cause your thumb, index and middle finger to feel numb.


Golfer’s elbow, or inflammation of the inner side of the elbow, is likely to occur. Severe golfer’s elbow can be treated with platelet rich plasma injection.


Dislocation of the shoulder is one possible injury from rock climbing. The labrum in the shoulder (cartilage disc attached to the shoulder socket) is also likely to get torn.


Common Rock Climbing Injuries (Shin Min Daily)