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    what causes tennis elbow

    What Is Tennis Elbow

    There is a common misconception that tennis elbow is a painful condition that normally affects only tennis players. The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis, it is caused by inflammation of the tendons on the outer elbow, which is connecting the forearm muscles due to the overexertion of the elbow joints.  

    What Causes Tennis Elbow

    Playing tennis is the not only cause of this condition. Constant repetitive movement and heavy lifting may also result in the development of tennis elbow pain. Thus, people who play various kinds of sports like golf, baseball, and cricket, can develop tennis elbow too. Athletes who are doing archery, martial arts, rowing, and rock climbing may also have a higher risk of developing this condition.  

    How To Treat Tennis Elbow

    Treatment normally includes rest and physiotherapy. However, some patients may require further tennis elbow treatment like an injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection or surgical release. Do seek early treatment if you are facing any issues that could be associated with tennis elbow.

    Joint Revision Surgery (Complex Joint Revision)

    In general, most orthopaedic specialist can handle a straight forward joint replacement surgery. A complex joint replacement include cases where there is severe deformities, very limited motion or the primary surgery has gone wrong (due to aseptic loosening, poor alignmet or infection).

    As modern medicine improves the lifespan for males and females, patients with previous surgeries and implants who need a joint replacement surgery become very challenging as conventional techniques cannot be used.

    Dr Chin Pak Lin had been the key person in handling complex and revision joint replacement surgeries formerly at SGH.

    Joint Revision Surgery

    Elbow joint arthritis is a disorder characterised by pain and stiffness. It can be caused by injury or overuse. The cartilage in the joint is worn out and extra bone spurs and loose bodies start to form. Treatment involves medication, physiotherapy, arthroscopic washout and joint replacement. Joint replacement involves removing the worn out joint surfaces and replacing them with metal and plastic components. After an elbow joint replacement, patient will experience greater range of motion and less pain, improving the overall function of the shoulder.

    Elbow arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) is a specialised procedure. One of the commonest indications for elbow arthroscopy is arthritis with loose bodies "jamming" the joint and causing a painful locking sensation. The procedure removes the loose bodies, extra bone spurs and tight capsule to achieve greater range of motion and substantial pain relief. The advantages of keyhole surgery includes less pain, faster recovery and nicer cosmetic result.

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