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Back Pain & MIS TLIF Surgery

August 3, 2016

Most back pain can be treated conservatively, such as physiotherapy and rest. However, in cases where the nerves and mobility are affected, surgery is the more ideal treatment. Patients can choose the minimally invasive option of surgery for their back … Continued

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Go the Minimally Invasive Way (The Business Times)

October 29, 2015

Dr Yue Wai Mun was interviewed by The Business Times on minimally invasive surgery for spinal conditions. Spinal surgery used to be quite a scary procedure for many. However, with new minimally invasive spine surgical techniques, large incisions that may damage … Continued

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It May Be Painful After a Slipped Disc Injury (Today)

October 15, 2015

Dr Yue Wai Mun was interviewed by Today on the modern medical treatment for slipped disc. The initial treatment for slipped disc includes medication for pain control and physiotherapy for muscle maintenance. Most patients would improve with such treatment although, according … Continued

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