Cycling Health Benefits & Joint Care | 骑脚踏车渐流行 关节压力少 强健心血管

November 3, 2014

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao on cycling, Dr Tan shared about its health benefits, its rehabilitation of knee pain/injury as well as safety aspects to look out for to prevent any sports injury from cycling.

According to Dr Tan, cycling is an exercise that is less strenuous on joints and is thus well-liked by those who had suffered knee injuries from running as a form of rehabilitation. Injuries from cycling can be either acute or chronic. Acute injury is caused by accidents or falls from the bicycle, whilst chronic injury is caused by wear and tear of joints and muscles.

Three important safety precautions are:

  1. Avoid acute injuries by always wearing safety equipment and following traffic rules
  2. Prevent chronic injuries through having regular intervals of break for stretching during and riding bicycles suitable for your build
  3. Other preparations including wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, having adequate water supply, energy bars and medications for your illnesses on standby


Benefits of Cycling Exercise