Hip Replacement Surgery with Swift Recovery | 置换髋关节 隔天能走路

December 1, 2014

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, Dr Chin Pak Lin talked about hip replacement surgery for one of his patient, Marsha Hayden. She had a swift recovery thanks to modern minimally invasive surgery techniques and the hip surgeon’s expertise.

Marsha Hayden started experiencing hip pain and stifness around 10 years ago. This pain got worse overtime and even extended to her back. Her hip pain problem was diagnosed as osteoarthritis by the doctor. Despite taking medications and injections and going for regular physiotherapy, her condition did not improve and soon she could not sleep well and her mobility also got affected.

Marsha then went to consult Dr Chin at The Orthopaedic Centre instead and was advised to go for a hip replacement surgery due to the severity of her osteoarthritis. The hip replacement surgery performed by Dr Chin is a minimally invasive procedure and took only an hour. After merely three months, Marsha already felt like her hip joint had fully recovered its function.

Dr Chin pointed out that despite hip replacement surgery being relatively mature and reliable, there is still a small 5% risk of dislocation of the hip joint. This risk all depends on the daily routine and activity of the patient, and experienced hip surgeons would take that into consideration when deciding on the positioning of the incisions.

Hip osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that can be slowed down although it cannot be prevented. If the elderly can maintain regular exercise routine, appropriate weight and balanced diet, hip osteoarthritis can be slowed down.

Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery Time