Future Forward Channel News Asia Interview on Orthopaedics

March 11, 2015

Dr Chin was interviewed on Channel News Asia’s Future Forward (Superbodies episode) to talk about the latest advancements in orthopaedics technology and surgery.

Many of the patients he sees are older persons suffering from osteoporosis who needs to go through joint replacement surgery. The latest joint implants are made of trabecular metal that the body’s bone will naturally grow onto and eventually become a biological part of the body

Dr Chin says that with advances in technology, joint replacements can now last 20 years or more – becoming something that might even outlive an elderly patient.

When asked about what he sees for the future in orthopaedics, Dr Chin hopes that with nano-technology, we can create implants that last longer for patients. Couple that with new-age software, computer-aided and robotic technology, more precise surgery can be done for patients. So hopefully in the future, as patients continue to live longer, we can provide them with surgeries that will help them get through life with less pain and more function.