Getting to Know Osteoporosis

November 18, 2015

Dr Tan Chyn Hong was interviewed on the topic of osteoporosis on the 21st October’s episode of Hello Singapore.

Dr Tan started off with explaining the higher risk that women have for getting osteoporosis. After women’s menopause, the loss of bone density is significantly higher due to the decline in estrogen. Estrogen helps to protect the bone. Men, on the other hand, do not have as significant loss in bone density but still can suffer from osteoporosis with age.

People who suffer from osteoporosis are usually older adults. There are however special cases of osteoporosis at a young age. Young ladies who overexercise, do not intake enough nutrition or are anorexic and very thin are prone to getting osteoporosis.

There is significantly higher risk of fracture, especially on the hips, hand and wrist, for people with osteoporosis. For hip fractures, they usually have to go for joint replacement surgery for recovery and be able to continue walking. These people should be more careful when doing any strenuous activity, although they should not stay inactive after their joint replacement surgery.

There are no obvious symptoms for osteoporosis. At the very most, older adults may notice some development of hunchback that is likely a result of compression fractures due to osteoporosis. It is thus important for everyone to go for regular examination for osteoporosis once they hit certain age. For ladies, this happens after menopause; for men, it is after 65.

The best prevention for osteoporosis is to stay active with exercises, spend some time under the sun and maintain a balanced diet. As for those who can’t do without coffee every day, it is alright to take it in moderation.