How to Choose Running Shoes (Yahoo Sports)

June 15, 2015

Dr David Su shared with Yahoo! Sports Singapore three simple yet important tips on how to choose running shoes most appropriate for you:

  1. The end of the day is the best time to choose running shoes for purchase, since your feet would be the most swollen then.
  2. Your running shoes should have arch support, especially for those with flat foot. Be wary of wearing flip flops for running as they have no arch support.
  3. Monitor your running mileage and only increase it slowly and steadily.


Dr Su also gave some advice on wearing minimalist shoes:

  1. Running with heel strike is inefficient.
  2. The purpose of wearing minimalist shoes is to shorten strides, and land more in the mid and forefoot as opposed to heel striking with well-cushioned shoes.
  3. Minimalist shoes are however known to cause injuries even for those who are adequately fit in running.
  4. You can still try to adapt to the more efficient mid and forefoot strike even with non-minimalist shoes.