Ankle Cartilage Regeneration

January 27, 2021

ankle cartilage regeneration

When one has an injury and suffers a cut or a bruise, the body cells will heal and regenerate. However, cartilage has a limited regenerative ability once it has been damaged. This can cause tissue damage with a residual defect to the area. This usually leads to swelling, constant pain, and limited mobility.

The ankle joint has been found to have the highest occurrence of cartilage injury (osteochondral lesions). They are always neglected when it has not been diagnosed previously and not commonly understood what can be done to deal with this problem.

For one with a serious ankle injury, one may require ankle cartilage regeneration. Dr David Su has been an early adopter in Singapore in using tissue scaffolds in cartilage regeneration in the ankle joint. Dr Su uses tissue scaffolds, and plenty of patients have recovered and resumed sports after a period of rehabilitation.

As an orthopaedic surgeon and foot and ankle sub-specialist, Dr David Su has the specific knowledge and experience to help patients suffering from problems in this area, leading them on the route to recovery.