Ankle Fractures

January 16, 2019

Ankle fractures can occur as a result of twisting injuries to the ankle region during sports or sustained due to falls from heights. They can also occur with less trauma if the patient has a background of osteoporosis.

Patients would present with pain and swelling around the ankle and have difficulty weight-bearing.

Diagnosis is confirmed with the help of X-rays, and sometimes CT scan is required to further delineate injury in complex ankle fractures. Delayed diagnosis can result in a more complex surgery if surgery is required, longer healing time and arthritis in the long run.

Not all ankle fractures require surgery. If the fracture is stable, and the joint is intact, the fracture may be treated in a cast. Recovery from an ankle fracture depends on the severity of the fracture, however, most patients should expect at least three months of relying either on crutches or walking aid.