Shoes & Foot Care Tips

January 19, 2015

Dr David Su shared with the listeners of Capital 95.8FM and DJ Mary Bukoh on high heels, shoes and foot care. These are some of the issues Dr Su shared on air:


Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels would cause your foot muscles to become tighter and more tensed. There is also a lot of pressure put on the feet and may hurt the ankle ligament or result in the growth of corn. If high heels are worn for long hours, you may also hurt your back.

If you are just starting to wear high heels or not used to wearing high heels, go for the lower end with just one to two inches. It is important to watch your step when climbing up and down stairs to prevent ankle sprains. Be practical when wearing high heels: only wear them when you need to (such as during meetings) and wear flat heel footwear when travelling to your workplace. Avoid carrying handbags that are too heavy and alternate the sides you are carrying them on.

Choosing and Buying New Shoes

It is better to try out and buy your new shoes in the evening rather than morning. Your feet will be more swollen in the later half of the day. It is important to find more comfortable shoes with the size that your feet can “grow” to during the day.

Bunion and Flat Foot Care

Hallux valgus or bunion is primarily a hereditary condition. Wearing high heels will not cause bunion, although wearing high heels may worsen the condition if it already exists. The condition of flat foot should be attended to as soon as it develops to prevent it from worsening.


Hear the rest of it here if you have missed it previously!