‘Tis the Season for Ski Injuries (Mind Your Body)

May 20, 2015

Dr Tan recently wrote an article on skiing injuries for Mind Your Body (The Straits Times).

In Dr Tan’s practice, he has been seeing a yearly increase of 10% for snowboarding and skiing injuries in Singapore. Increasingly more Singaporeans are taking up winter sports as they become more well-travelled. Winter sport accidents are likely to happen for those who only started the sport during the holiday trip and lack practice.

Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding is one winter sport that has been seeing much higher increase in injury rate. It is a popular new sport amongst the young. Snowboarding injuries usually involve the wrist and ankle, and sometimes the shoulder.

Skiing Injuries

Skiing injuries usually involve high speed, equipment failure and collisions with other skiers. Areas commonly injured are the leg, knee and thumb. Most snowboarding and skiing injuries can be treated using keyhole surgery with faster and less painful recovery.

Preventing Injuries for Winter Sports

In preventing snowboarding and skiing injuries, it is important to practise safe habits while on the snow slopes. Always wear safety equipment. Stay in control and stop only when in a safe place where other skiers would not have to collide into or intentionally steer away from you.