Don’t ignore a painful shoulder

December 20, 2016

On 20 Dec 2016, Dr Tan Chyn Hong shared an article titled ‘Don’t ignore a painful shoulder’ with readers of The Straits Times that several shoulder problems can be effectively treated with minimally-invasive techniques.

If you are suffering from a painful or stiff shoulder, it will become challenging to swim or play tennis. Some patients might even face challenges with simple tasks like sleeping, dressing and combing their hair.

In most cases, young people are more likely to suffer sports injuries, which can result in repeated dislocations, while older people often experience frozen shoulder or tendon tears.

Many shoulder problems such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, shoulder dislocation can be effectively treated with new minimally-invasive keyhole techniques. Patients experience less pain and faster recovery, and have aesthetically-pleasing surgical scars.