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Introduction to Hip Surgery

January 30, 2020

Introduction Majority of hip replacements are performed on people aged between 60 to 80, but adults regardless of age can be considered depending on one’s medical conditions. Hip replacement surgery is needed when the hip joint is worn or damaged … Continued

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Passing On Knowledge

January 7, 2020

Orthopaedic surgeon Chin Pak Lin calls himself an “accidental” volunteer. Although he had always wanted to share his medical experience with other medical practitioners in the region, he lacked the impetus to do so until he met Professor Tay Boon … Continued

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Zumba Injuries and Prevention

July 13, 2015

A recent US study reported that one in four Zumba participants sustained injuries. Dr Chin Pak Lin says that Zumba injuries has also been on the rise over the past years in Singapore. The most common Zumba injuries occur in … Continued

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New robot helps to cut errors in knee surgery

February 25, 2014

Even the best surgeons sometimes miss the mark when fitting knee implants, but a new robot will minimise such human errors. Patients at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), which handles the most knee replacement operations here, can look forward to … Continued

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