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Ankle Injuries and You

November 21, 2019

He gets it. She gets it. Ankle injuries are extremely common and can range from minor sprains to dislocation to even fractures. How can we treat and prevent such injuries? Our Foot & Ankle Specialist at The Orthopaedic Centre, Dr … Continued

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Foot Deformities

August 27, 2015

Foot deformities can be congenital (since birth) or acquired from diseases and injuries. Some of these foot deformities can be very painful and even impede an individual’s mobility. They may also require surgery to correct, especially in cases where braces, physiotherapy and other forms … Continued

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How to Choose Running Shoes (Yahoo Sports)

June 15, 2015

Dr David Su shared with Yahoo! Sports Singapore three simple yet important tips on how to choose running shoes most appropriate for you: The end of the day is the best time to choose running shoes for purchase, since your feet … Continued

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Shoes & Foot Care Tips

January 19, 2015

Dr David Su shared with the listeners of Capital 95.8FM and DJ Mary Bukoh on high heels, shoes and foot care. These are some of the issues Dr Su shared on air:   Wearing High Heels Wearing high heels would cause … Continued

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